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Company Overview

BA-SS is a Bosnian Registered Consulting Security Company comprised of a core team of Security experts with many years of combined experience in the specialist security sector.

This combined wealth of experience and knowledge has enabled BA-SS to provide a bespoke service that provides an essential multi-faceted service to negate risks to commercial enterprises and/or private individuals wherever they operate in the world.

At BA-SS we have the capability to tailor our services to your requirements. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to provide a service that fits your requirements whilst not compromising our Operating procedures.

Why contract us?

Due to ever-changing global market conditions and regulations, business leaders have a responsibility to make and implement decisions that will manage risks and go along with globally diverse legislations.

Failing to do so, carries severe consequences that affect present and future business of your company.

BA-SS is here to help business leaders reduce risks, support their business activities and make informed decisions regarding:

  • New people coming into their teams;
  • Investments and new ventures;
  • Portfolio expansion;
  • Security of data.

BA-SS is an experienced provider of risk-managing solutions. We assist our clients in prevention and responding to immediate risks, by leveraging combined experience of our in-house experts.

Quality Management

BA-SS takes the quality management system to a level where comprehensive checks and balances exist throughout the recruiting and implementation process and the contract in its entirety. At BA-SS it is our responsibility to ensure you have the best individuals available and a single point of contact accountable for the quality of the personnel assisting you in achieving your goals.