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Corporate Due Diligence

Business opportunities and business risks are parallel in the global market. Nowhere is this statement more true, than in emerging, fast developing markets where business intelligence can be obscure and hard to obtain.

Bosnian-Austrian Security Services provides companies with comprehensive and reliable due diligence services tailored to each specific request, so each company can protect their investments and deliver informed decisions.


When considering a new deal, a company/organization must take into account all assumptions, it is making regarding that deal. Our due diligence services provide you with peace of mind by analyzing above mentioned financial, operational, strategic assumptions, and delivering structured information to you.


Our due diligence service package provides you with business intelligence for entering new markets and protects you from failed transactions and a damaged reputation.


Level 1 package offers following services:

Evaluating truthfulness of individuals involved in the process

•Analyze submitted reports of earnings, assets and cash flow

•Assessment of financial and accounting environment

•Measuring the position of company on the market in relation to customers and partners

•Calculating goodwill value of the company


BA-SS ensures all services it offers are highly cost-effective, and provides companies with ability to pair diligence services to risk they are mitigating. Companies work with BA-SS experts hand in hand to analyze all information and be certain of the results. For this reason, each company receives one point of contact, who will coordinate all efforts and communicate results to company in a timely and professional manner.

If for some reason basic diligence services are not enough to make informed decisions, BA-SS is able to provide companies with enhanced due diligence services that will uncover risk-related information, to enable our clients to make timely, well informed decisions regarding their business.

Services we offer are a blend of data, research methodologies, technology and human intelligence that result in deep insights upon which you can make business decisions that will benefit your business and promote your goals.